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Tech Campaign: From Leads to Sales

Transforming Tech Sales through Holistic Martech Strategies

Client Overview:

A cutting-edge technology company based in San Francisco was seeking innovative ways to market its services and generate high-value opportunities. Despite having innovative technology services, the company faced challenges in effectively positioning and marketing its services to key decision-makers.

Client Objectives:

  1. Increase brand visibility and awareness in the target market.

  2. Develop a robust marketing campaign to generate a qualified sales pipeline.

  3. Engage with key decision-makers, including Directors, VPs, and CXOs.

  4. Create compelling market assets to showcase the value proposition of the solution.

Martech Agency Approach:

Our Martech agency designed and executed a holistic annual marketing campaign that encompassed various channels and strategies for maximum impact:

  1. Brand Development:

    • Conducted market research to understand the target audience and competitive landscape.

    • Crafted a compelling brand narrative highlighting the unique value proposition of client technology solutions.

    • Developed a visually appealing brand identity to enhance recognition.

  2. Multichannel Campaign Execution:

    • Email Campaigns: Targeted email campaigns to reach potential clients, showcasing the benefits of the technology.

    • Cold Calling: Personalized outreach to decision-makers to initiate conversations and generate interest.

    • Events: Attended and sponsored various industry and technology events to connect with senior leadership prospects and showcase the solution.

    • Digital Campaigns: Leveraged online platforms for targeted advertising, utilizing LinkedIn, Google Ads, etc, for maximum reach.

    • Thought Leadership: Published insightful content, and gave opportunities to the client's subject matter expert in various forums and events, positioning the client as an industry thought leader.

  3. Landing Page and Lead Generation:

    • Created a dedicated landing page with a user-friendly interface, allowing prospects to express interest and schedule sales meetings.

    • Implemented strategic lead capture mechanisms to ensure a qualified lead database.

  4. Market Assets:

    • Developed microsites with detailed information about the solutions, tailored to different buyer personas.

    • Designed brochures and event materials for physical and virtual engagements.

    • Produced eye-catching ad banners for LinkedIn and Google Ads to increase click-through rates.


The annual campaign exceeded expectations, leading to significant outcomes:

  1. Pipeline of Opportunities: The campaign generated a robust pipeline of high-value opportunities, totaling $200M.

  2. Sales Closure: The efforts resulted in a remarkable $50M in sales closures, showcasing the effectiveness of the campaign in converting opportunities into revenue.

  3. Enhanced Market Presence: The client experienced a notable increase in brand visibility and recognition within its target market.

  4. Positive Engagement: The landing page garnered substantial interest, with key decision-makers actively participating in scheduled sales meetings.

  5. Comprehensive Market Assets: The creation of microsites, brochures, event materials, and ad banners contributed to a cohesive and compelling brand image.

In summary, the Martech agency GreenBlueBrown's strategic approach, leveraging a mix of traditional and digital channels, successfully propelled technology client towards unprecedented success in terms of both pipeline generation and sales closures. The collaboration not only met but exceeded the client's expectations, establishing a foundation for continued growth and market leadership.








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