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Brand Building with MarTech Solutions

Transforming Legal Practice with Comprehensive Martech Solutions

Client Background:

Seasoned legal professional based out of Los Angeles with a focus on Immigration, Criminal Defense, Post Conviction and Employment & Labor practice area, with the goal of establishing a robust brand presence, refining brand positioning, and launching a comprehensive online platform to enhance their outreach.


  1. Lack of a strong brand identity and online presence.

  2. Limited visibility in search engine results.

  3. Inefficient lead management and customer relationship processes.

  4. Absence of a cohesive marketing strategy.


  1. Establish a compelling brand identity and position the attorney as an authority in Immigration, Criminal Defense, Post Conviction and Employment & Labor practice law.

  2. Develop a user-friendly website on the Wix platform with advanced functionalities.

  3. Implement a holistic digital marketing strategy for enhanced visibility.

  4. Streamline lead management and customer relationship processes.

  5. Provide insightful analytics for continuous performance improvement.


1. Market Research: Conducted in-depth market research to understand the competitive legal landscape, target audience behavior, and industry trends.  This data-driven approach laid the foundation for tailored strategies.

2. Brand Positioning and Identity:

  • Created a comprehensive brand book outlining the brand strategy, values, and visual elements.

  • Designed marketing collateral, including posters, hero banners, and advertisement banners, to reinforce the brand identity

2. Website Design and Development: Built a visually appealing and user-friendly website on the Wix platform, ensuring it reflected the attorney's expertise and conveyed trust to potential clients.

3. SEO and Content Development: Executed a comprehensive SEO strategy, including keyword consulting and restructuring, to improve search engine rankings. Developed high-quality, relevant content to enhance website visibility and attract the target audience.

4. Basic CRM Setup: Implemented a basic CRM system for efficient visitor registration and lead storage, streamlining the client's interactions with potential clients and ensuring a personalized experience.

5. Online Booking & Scheduling: Enabled online booking and scheduling features for client appointments, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

6. API Integration: Integrated relevant APIs to ensure seamless functionality and communication between different platforms, optimizing user experience.

7. Social Media Integration: Integrated social media platforms to leverage their potential for brand promotion, including scheduled posts and audience engagement.

8. Email Marketing Setup: Established a basic email marketing platform for targeted communication with potential clients, ensuring regular updates and engagement.

9. Performance Testing: Conducted thorough performance testing to ensure the website's functionality, speed, and responsiveness met industry standards.

10. Back-End Task Automation: Implemented a robust back-end task management system to enhance internal efficiency and workflow.

11. Insights, Analytics & Reporting: Created a customized dashboard incorporating key performance indicators and marketing goals, using data sources such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and website contact form submissions.

12. Marketing Creative Assets: Developed a suite of marketing creative assets, including brand books, posters, hero banners, and advertisement banners, to maintain a consistent and professional brand image.


  1. Enhanced Brand Presence: The attorney's brand now stands out in the competitive legal landscape, supported by a cohesive visual identity.

  2. Improved Online Visibility: The client experienced a significant boost in online visibility, attracting a higher volume of potential clients.

  3. Efficient Client Engagement: The integrated CRM, chat provision, and online booking systems streamlined client communication, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

  4. Data-Driven Decision-Making: The real-time dashboard and monthly reports provided the client with valuable insights, enabling data-driven decision-making for ongoing marketing strategies.

  5. Comprehensive Marketing Strategy: The integrated marketing strategy has resulted in a cohesive and targeted approach, maximizing the impact of online and offline efforts.

  6. Consistent Brand Representation: Marketing creative assets contributed to a consistent and professional brand representation across various platforms.

Conclusion: Through a combination of market research, innovative technology implementation, and creative branding, our Martech agency GreenBlueBrown successfully transformed the attorney's online presence. The comprehensive solution not only addressed the initial challenges but also positioned the attorney for sustained success in the competitive legal landscape.








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